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We got a chance to chat with magical Morgan Ryan a mastermind behind Ms. Maverick Muse. She is just as amazing behind the scenes as she is on social platforms. So, lets dive in!

Where and how did you discover yourself as Ms Maverick Muse?
I discovered my brand and persona, Ms Maverick Muse, through a series of unfortunate events in the career field. I knew I wanted to model and loved being hands on creatively. I soon realized that was not a model's job. For the short time I walked that path, I often felt out of place at castings and my confidence was constantly shaken. I decided to empower myself and create an alter ego by becoming my own muse by embodying both roles: artist and muse. That's when I established myself as Ms. Maverick Muse. Having the creative control to live out my vision has truly rebuilt my self-confidence and has led to a greater purpose: empowering others.
What inspires you?
Life inspires me! Art, film, biographies, nature, my personal conversations. Basically anything that I come across in my day, I pull a little inspiration from it and add it into my art. I think that's what makes my work so unique, it's personal to me and my life experience. 
The Wiggies! We are OBSESSED! What is your secret to finding the perfect one for your look?
Haha thank you. I am a big believer that you could have the perfect makeup and outfit but if the hair ain't right, it'll mess up the whole look. So I always start with the hair and build the look out from there. In a way the hair inspires many of my looks. I usually go about picking out the wig based on my mood or the era I'm looking to focus on that day. 
What does makeup mean to you and how do you feel makeup affects people nowadays?
I have always viewed makeup as a tool for transformation as well as a fun way to study history. I think now more than ever, creators are using makeup in a way that is more driven by artistry than vanity and I absolutely love to see that. 
What are the most challenging aspect of social media and how do you navigate the social realm?
Social media has definitely become a great teacher and mirror of external validation. I think we could all benefit from taking a step back and asking whether we are using social media or if social media iks using us? In that regard I find the most difficult aspect of social media is forgetting that it's a tool used to help connect with others and showcase my art, rather than something that can easily steal my happiness or time if not monitored or kept in perspective. 
Love your self care vibes, we are all about that. What are some of the self care rituals that you can share with our followers?
I'm an empath so self-care is a non-negotiable for me. I feel self-care looks different on everyone and that it can, and perhaps should, change. With that being said I absolutely love doing at home facials, taking baths, forgiveness rituals, yoga etc. Whatever I feel my body, mind and soul needs.  I am also a fan of working with the moon cycles to guide my self-care rituals and healing. 
You often share some awesome resources for self growth what are some of them that you can share with our followers?
I see myself as a student for life. I am constantly pushing myself to become the best possible version of myself everyday. That drive is something that I apply to every aspect in my life. I love reading self-help books, using affirmations, listening to Youtube channels, reading oracles cards, podcasts and journaling. There are two practices that have changed my life immensely: the first being future journaling, the act of writing out your goals or dreams in future tense as if they're already accomplished. The other is the 20/20/20 Rule. Simply divide the first hour of the day into three equal blocks of exercise, reflection, and learning (20 mins each). For those just getting into self-improvement and development I'd suggest: The Success Principles, You are a Badass at Making Money, Hindzsight (podcast) and apply the two rituals above. 
Any tips on how to grow your social tribe for our followers and those who are looking to venture out into the influencer world?
To put it in perspective, I've been in the game for about 7 years now and I just started to see the biggest growth/impact about year 5. So the first tip I'd suggest is to train for endurance. Organic growth and lasting impact doesn't happen overnight contrary to popular belief. It takes persistence, consistency, drive, self-motivation and keeping up with the constant changes of social media. On that same note, find what sets you apart and makes you authentic. Not only will it help you stand out in the social media sea, but it will also help you connect deeper with your community and that is what this is all about! 
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