Meet Valeria Ramos

Meet Valeria Ramos

We are so excited to finally bring this collaboration with Valeria Ramos to you!

But first, we sat down with Valeria and chatted her up about all things beauty and the world

Lets dive in!

We are so excited to have you here for the interview and are burning up to ask you all the things and hear all the tea! Lets dive in! How did you start with make up and social media? What was the driving force, what inspired you?


I always loved the make up world so much. I remember following all the Youtubers. Watching all the tutorials, the unboxings, the first impressions, you name it. I remember for years my family and friends encouraging me to start a journey with makeup. It wasn’t until I was 21 years old, a new mother, and had moved across the country that I really started to think about it. With all the things going on in my life I had lost every bit of myself. I needed some thing to help me feel like myself make me feel beautiful. I just remember one day sitting on the floor of Amaras bedroom while she was taking a nap and I went on Facebook live to do my makeup and it just started from there.

 Was it a difficult process for you to be in front of the camera and make reels and videos? Can you give our readers and followers some tips on how to overcome any self doubt?

Yes, trying to find the confidence at such a low point in my life to sit in front of a camera and try to teach people some thing I was still learning myself was hard but so exciting and rewarding at the same time. At the end of the day your biggest critic is your own brain. Nobody picks at your imperfections the way you do, so stop. Let yourself live, love yourself. And just know that you can do it!

Where do you think social media is headed and have you noticed any change in influencer culture?

Honestly I have no idea where social media is headed, but with Tiktok and obviously the pandemic I have noticed a huge change in the influencer world. I like that everything is more realistic now. Everything is less filtered, less fake, less “perfect”.  And I love it! So I just hope it keeps going in that direction.  

Now, on to the collaboration..... ta da! what was the process like, what were the most important product development parts for you?

This is the most exciting thing that I’ve done by far. Obviously I’m nothing but grateful for the amazing woman that I’ve worked with. Every bit of the process is my favorite part from trying the lashes, picking the lashes, the reason for each style, the names, the packaging. Everything! I couldn’t be luckier. Moonslice Beauty is one of my favorite indy brands. The whole process was so professional and so fun at the same time!

Your collaboration benefits a great program - Dreamers. It allows many people for a chance to come to USA and have their dreams come true. Please tell us more about the importance of this collab and your dream experience

The DACA program is huge to me. I came to the US as a kid. I am an immigrant and being an immigrant is hard. The DACA program made it a little bit easier for me to feel like a functioning human. I can drive, go to school, get a job. You know? All the stuff everybody else can do I can do to. And so can 650,000 other people. Being able to somehow help the program that has helped me so much means the world. 


What advice do you have to all those fighting for their dream or those in search of their dreams? 

It’s going to seem like no one’s on your side. Like no one understands but Fighting for your dreams is never easy. That’s why you have to fight, that’s why it’s a dream. But constantly remind yourself that you are more capable than you can even imagine. Do it and it doesn’t matter how many times you fall or how many times you fail. Don’t stop doing it. 

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